1. Call and/or visit OCHS

    To explore interest, ask questions, take a tour.

    Olde Columbine High School
    1200 South Sunset St.
    Longmont, CO 80501
    Map Our Location
    P: (720) 494-3961
    F: (303) 651-7446

  2. Pick-up Application

    At the school, or download from our website. Download Application (ENG) | Download Application (SPA)

  3. Schedule & attend family meeting

    You will be contacted to schedule this meeting at least one week prior to the end of the quarter. At least one parent must accompany student to this meeting.

  4. Schedule student interview

    After the family meeting, the student will be scheduled for their student interview.

  5. Attend student interview

    You will be informed of your acceptance at the end of your student interview and will be given a letter to verify your enrollment at OCHS.

  6. Withdraw from home high school

    If you are accepted, withdraw from your home high school on the date indicated on the enrollment letter.

  7. Show up the first day of new quarter

    Date and time will be written on the enrollment letter.