School Profile

Olde Columbine High School (OCHS) has been part of SVVSD for over 20 years and was originally located in the basement of what is now Columbine Elementary School. Through the years, the location has changed (we are now at the CDC building), but the mission has stayed the same: to meet the needs of alternative students in the St. Vrain Valley.

OCHS is a small, structured high school. We generally have about 120 students any given quarter, and we admit new students every quarter. Students can also graduate any quarter that they complete their graduation requirements (which are the same requirements as all SVVSD high schools). Grades, and thus credits, are awarded four times per school year (quarterly), rather than twice (by semester). We also run a traditional schedule, meaning we have seven 50-minute class periods every day, rather than a block schedule. These are the main characteristics that differentiate us from the large, traditional high schools.

Another notable difference is our required orientation program. All incoming students take two quarters of Discovery, which is a social skills curriculum and school model. You can read more about this program on our Discovery link. Our orientation program helps students develop the skills needed to participate and positively contribute to our school community and culture. Students are able to practice and get feedback on these skills, which in turn, help them prepare for post-secondary education, employment and adult life.

At OCHS, we actively work to build positive relationships with and among students. Each late start day, we organize community building events, such as bullying prevention, college and career day, fall hike, community volunteer day, ARC fundraiser, and Cinco de Mayo celebration. Each activity has the goal of bringing together to build positive relationships.

OCHS is not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, please contact us to ask questions, set up a tour, or pick up an application. We look forward to getting to know you!