Principal's Update - January 2017

Welcome to 2017!  


Just before the winter break, Olde Columbine received our School Performance Framework (SPF) from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE.)  The SPF provides a snapshot of the school's level of attainment on academic achievement, growth, student engagement and postsecondary readiness.  There are 100 points possible and OCHS earned 50.87, which is an improvement of 6 percentage points over the previous SPF.  The plan assigned to us based on these points is “Improvement”.   This means we have improved in some areas and still need to work on others.   We demonstrated improvement Student Engagement and Academic Growth.  Below is a list of areas of improvement:

  • Galileo Math—this assessment is one we use to demonstrate achievement and growth.  It’s very important that every student take this assessment seriously and to the best of their ability, so we can show the academic growth that we know our students can demonstrate. We are currently working with the math teachers to strengthen our instruction, as well as tracking student performance regularly in an order to provide more targeted practice.

  • Attendance and Truancy—Our attendance rate for 2015-2016 was 79.1% and the truancy rate was 13%.  In order to meet the cut-points for all alternative campuses in Colorado, we need to have an attendance rate of 85.5% and truancy should be less than 7%.  We initiated attendance incentives last year and are continuing those with our weekly pizza lunches and quarterly awards.

  • With the transition from the ACT to the PSAT/SAT, we really need students to do their best here, as well.  That is why we are offering a prep class that will start January 23rd.  This class will meet from 2:00-3:30 Mondays and Thursdays for 10 weeks.  Students will earn a .25 elective credit if they are in attendance for at least 15 of the sessions AND complete assignments as required.   There is no extra cost for this class.

  • Dropout rate—The goal is for us to have a dropout rate of less than 12%, which means we need to cut our rate by half.  We are currently working on more engagement strategies, as well as continuing to strengthen our application process, so that we enroll students who truly want to be here.

I appreciate all of the support of parents, students, community, staff and alumni as we work to make Olde Columbine High School the model alternative campus for the state.

Thank you for your continued support!!