Superintendent's Update - August 2017

The start of a new academic year is one of my favorite times to visit our schools and talk with our students, families, teachers and staff. Our hallways are filled with a palpable optimism and drive to continue our momentum toward the highest levels of academic growth and success.

2017 Eclipse Safety and Parent Information

Eclipse Safety Checklist

It’s not the eclipse that is dangerous to observe, it’s the sun! The sun’s visible (and invisible) rays can cause serious damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes, often without being immediately aware of it. Normally, our common sense protects us from looking directly at the sun for more than a second.

Planned Systems Outage Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Time Frame: Friday, July 28, 12:00 noon to Monday, July 31 6:00 am

Description: Generally all online systems will be unavailable as DTS and O&M perform major maintenance on the district’s technology infrastructure.

Affected Systems: The following is a partial list of the systems that will be unavailable during this time.

St. Vrain Valley Schools: Competitive Advantage Through Extraordinary Academic Learning and Preparation

As we move towards the end of another highly successful school year, it will be an honor to join our Board of Education, principals, parents, teachers and staff in recognizing the unwavering drive, strength of character and rigorous academic preparation that has propelled approximately 2,000 students to the day of their high school graduation.

Congratulations to Savanna & Dillon - OCHS scholarship winners

Congratulations to students Savanna Leigh and Dillon Silvernail for their recent scholarship awards:

     Savanna Leigh was awarded the Donna Bower Scholarship $1000 

     Dillon Silvernail was awarded an FRCC Scholarship $1000

ITAC: You're Invited

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) is looking for additional members to join and help us refine our district-wide plan for instructional technology.

Congratulations Yoeli Parra - Slick Haley Award

Congratulations to Olde Columbine Student Yoeli Parra - she was awarded the Longmont Rotary Slick Haley Award - Way to go Yoeli!  Click here to see Yoeli and her award.

OCHS students present at the SVVSD Board Meeting

On Wednesday evening, April 26, Olde Columbine High School Advisory Council students presented an incredible promotional video of their awesome high school.  Click here and fast forward to 20:00 to view the student presentation to the Board.  Click here to view their video detailing all the great things OCHS has to offer.

Lexy Murray - Longmont Rotary Student of the Month Jan 2017

OCHS Student Lexy Murray received the Longmont Rotary Student of the Month award for January, 2017.  She's pictured second from the left.

Caylee Stephenson - Longmont Rotary Student of the Month Nov 2016

Caylee Stephenson was awarded the Longmont Rotary Student of the Month for November, 2016.  Caylee is pictured here accepting the award.